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Price:  139.00 (Excl: VAT: 115.83)



RRP £145.80 +VAT

FSE Power Boost Valve fuel pressure regulator that replaces the original equipment valve.

How does it work?
The electric fuel pump supplies fuel at a high pressure to the fuel rail and injectors, which is then regulated by a fuel pressure control valve. Typically, the regulator is not adjustable and is pre-set to a 3 bar maximum pressure. At idle the fuel pressure valve reduces it by 0.5 bar approximately to 2.5 bar. When accelerating quickly from standstill the fuel pressure increases at a proportional rate retaining a lean fuel mixture strength as required by the E.E.C. for new vehicles. However, the resultant effects of the standard valve produce:
• Lethargic throttle response
• Occasional drivability problems at slow traffic speeds
• Intermediate performance 'flat spots' when accelerating

On acceleration the Power Boost Valve fuel pressure will increase at 1.7 times the standard rate. This will produce a healthy, strong fuel mixture strength which will instantly improve the drivability of your vehicle, providing:-
• Instant throttle response
• Removal of performance flat spots
• Faster acceleration
• Extra engine performance

The regulator enhances engine performance on acceleration by enriching the mixture strength. On constant throttle and cruise conditions the valve returns to a normal regulator function.

• Max Flow 5 Ltrs/Min
• Adjustable 1.5 Bar (22 Psi) - 6 Bar (90 Psi)
• Tested upto 10 Bar

Supplied with full fitting kit and polished alloy mounting bracket suitable for most Impreza models.

Direct replacement for Impreza Non-Turbo 92-00, Impreza Turbo 94-00 and Impreza WRX or STi 94-00.
Impreza '01onward model available to order.

Item will be supplied in the Silver colour (not blue as shown).